How to Cancel Purchases in Fortnite

Courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games has changed the way purchases work in Fortnite, extending the purchase cancellation window.

Alongside update v21.51, Epic Games added some improvements to its in-game purchasing settings. The changes now make it a little trickier to accidentally make a purchase in the Item Shop, with players now needing to hold down a button to make purchase.

Alongside this, players can now cancel in-game purchases made with V-Bucks until the item is equipped during gameplay or until 24 hours go by, whichever comes first. Players will also be met with a reminder of the policy when equipping a purchased cosmetic while queued up for a match or during gameplay.

So, how can players cancel purchases in Fortnite?

How to Cancel Purchases in Fortnite

To undo a purchase immediately after it has been made, players can click the 'Cancel Purchase' button. Purchase cancellation is only available up to 24 hours after the purchase was made.

The option can be used on any purchase made with V-Bucks, except for the following:

  • The Level Up Quest Pack
  • Real-money Offers in the Item Shop (Lava Legends Pack, Frozen Legends Pack, and The Laguna Pack)
  • Cosmetic Bundles
  • Gifted Purchases
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Tiers
  • Loot Llamas (Save the World)
  • Event and weekly items (Save the World)
  • Fortnite Crew

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