How to Capture 9 Ghost Species in Pokemon GO

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

Keeping in tune with the spooky theme this season, Ghost-types are running rampant in the world of Pokemon GO! One challenge needs the player to capture nine different Ghost-type Pokemon, so here’s how it’s done.

Given that Halloween is right around the corner, Ghost-types are appearing more frequently in the wild. Ghost-types are considered to be one of the strongest kinds of Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, from the all-around Gengar to the dangerous Giratina. In the game’s latest research quest: “What Lies Beneath The Mask?,” the missions place an emphasis on Ghost-types. Players can become stumped if they aren’t sure how to efficiently find them.

How to Capture 9 Ghost Species in Pokemon GO

Capturing nine different Ghost-types in this event is actually not as hard as one would think. To complete the challenge, the player can capture the Pokemon through any means, as long as it’s a Ghost-type. This means that on top of wild encounters, raid bosses and encounter rewards also count towards the goal, which gives the player a whole variety of methods to catch some Ghosts.

Raids during this season will mostly feature powerful Ghost-type Pokemon, though players need to battle accordingly if they’re relying solely on free Raid Passes. Players who also play during foggy weather have an increased chance of encountering Ghost-types over any other Pokemon in the location’s spawn list. Even this season’s Legendary Raid features a Ghost-type: Giratina. 

Players must remember that they need to capture nine different species of Ghost Pokemon, so duplicates will not count. As long as they switch up their methods of encounter, the challenge could be completed in no time.

“What Lies Beneath The Mask?” is now avaliable for players to complete in Pokemon GO.