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How to Carry Three Weapons in Warzone 2


Are you suffering from a serious case of FOMO whenever you come across multiple elite weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone 2? Don't worry, there's a way to get past that and we have a guide to show you how.

Your weapon choices in Warzone 2 are crucial as they dictate how far you'll go during a match. It also doesn't help that players suffer from an abundance of riches as Warzone 2 has an arsenal of a staggering 51 weapons for players to choose from. In the past, only two weapons could be carried at a time making this decision even more difficult, but this time around Activision has provided a method to carry more weapons.

How to Hold More Than Two Weapons in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players can carry a total of three weapons during matches. Two weapons serve as your primary and secondary options, while the third weapon can be stashed in your backpack. There is a catch though. In order to place a weapon in your backpack, you'll need to find and acquire a medium or large backpack.

These items aren't always a walk in the park to find, so we recommend taking on the Safecracker contracts. These missions are scattered throughout Al-Mazrah and task you with locating three safes filled with valuable items. Although you're not guaranteed the backpacks you're looking for, this method does offer the best chance to come across them.

Once you acquire the larger backpack, simply find a weapon that strikes your fancy and stow it. In order to equip your stowed item, you'll have to bring up your backpack sub-menu and swap it with one of the weapons you have equipped.

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