How to Catch a Cheefpoof in Bugsnax

How to Catch a Cheepoof in Bugsnax
How to Catch a Cheepoof in Bugsnax / Photo Courtesy of "JustALazyGamer" on Youtube

How to catch a Cheepoof in Bugsnax is a piece of the essential information you’ll need if you want to catch every one of those delicious little creatures in Bugsnax. While some of the Bugsnax are simple and straightforward to capture, the Cheepoof is a little more difficult. Here’s how:

Before even going into the area where you can find a Cheepoof you’ll need to do some preparation. First, make sure that you’ve progressed far enough to get the Trip Shot, if you don’t have it yet then just keep going through the main story. Eventually, the main questline will give you all the tools you need. Besides the Trip Shot, you’re going to need to lure in a second creature to cool down the Flamin Cheepoof.

How to Catch a Cheefpoof in Bugsnax

The Cheepoof is on fire when you first see it, it doesn’t mind so much, but it does make it impossible to capture. That’s where a Paletoss comes in. Once you have the Trip Shot find a Paletoss and get it to chase you. When the Paletoss runs into the Cheepoof it’ll cool it down, making it possible to capture.

Cheepoofs can be found inside the lava cave within the larger Boiling Bay area. Once you’ve found the place go through the normal catching procedure with the Cheepoof. Find its path, lay down a trap using the Trip Shot, and wait for the Cheepoof to run into it. Once the Cheepoof is on the ground the Paletoss you brought will charge at the grounded Cheepoof and extinguish it! From there it is easy to capture and add to your collection.