How to Catch Balloon Pikachu in 2022

Image courtesy of Niantic

Balloon Pikachu is back in Pokémon GO for the first time since its inclusion of the fifth anniversary celebration event last year. Here is everything you need to know about catching this special event Pokémon.

Catching Balloon Pikachu in 2022

Balloon, or Flying Pikachu can be found in the wild just like any other non-raid boss Pokémon in the game. During the Air Adventures Event in Pokémon GO, it will spawn at a much higher rate than usual in the game. Simply logging on and playing Pokémon GO for a while should get you plenty of encounters. If you are struggling and need a boost, Incense, Lure Module, or even Magnetic Lure Module should give you the boost you need to find some encounters.

The Balloon Pikachu can be found shiny, so using your items to increase your encounters would be the best move if you want to get an extremely rare shiny event Pokémon. However, Balloon Pikachu cannot evolve into a Balloon Raichu, or any Raichu for that matter. Its lack of evolutionary capability means this Pikachu will likely only be used to add to your collection in a fun and unique way, rather than taking down Raid Pokémon or Team GO Rocket Leaders.