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How to Catch Clams in New World

New World
New World / Credit to Amazon Games Studios

The Baited quest in New World will require players to know how to catch clams in New World. Clams can be found in bodies of saltwater, as opposed to snails which are only found in freshwater. What makes finding clams so difficult is that only freshwater locations are shown on the map in blue.

How to Catch Clams in New World

The first step in finding clams in New World is to find a good saltwater fishing spot. Coastal waters are an obvious choice, but there are bodies of saltwater in the game's marshlands as well. If a portion of the map has uneven land and a yellowish tint, then it will likely have saltwater. To test if a body of water is saltwater or not, try to collect the water in question. If it cannot be collected then it is saltwater.

Stolen Shores on the west side of the Everfall Watch Tower is a great location for finding clams because of how early it is discovered and how few enemies are in the area. Players who are still having difficulty finding clams can use nightcrawler bait to increase their odds. Of course fishing rods with Lucky Day or Lucky Night bonuses will also make the task of finding clams much simpler.