How to Catch Oshawott in Pokémon GO

Photo by Niantic Labs

How to Catch Oshawott in Pokémon GO is a bit of a challenge for some players, especially those eager to snag the Water-type starter. With Pokémon GO celebrating its 5th anniversary since its launch, Niantic implemented a challenger to players: catch every starter Pokémon. While it may be a tall task, catching Oshawott is easier, with improved spawn rates during the 5th anniversary event. So, for players eager to catch 'em all, here's how they can snag themselves an Oshawott.

How to Catch Oshawott in Pokémon GO

Players can catch Oshawott using three different methods:

  • Wild Encounters
  • Completing Research Tasks
  • Using Lure Modules at a Pokéstop

If you opt for the wild encounters to find your precious Oshawott, you'll find luck searching by bodies of water, or while it's raining. Oshawott is a Water-type, after all. The Research tasks and Lure Module methods are also good, but they aren't guaranteed to reward players with an Oshawott, with the other starter Pokémon offered as prizes. You may use a Lure Module at a Pokéstop in search of an Oshawott, but end up with a Froakie or Charmander.

Oshawott can also be found in eggs, most recently in the 2km eggs, but it isn't the best method for those desperate for their Oshawott companion. And of course, Oshawott does evolve, transforming into the nimble Dewott after 25 Candies, and then the mighty Samurott after 100 Candies. The 5th Anniversary event ends after July 15, so those interested in catching Oshawott and the other starter Pokémon will have to act fast.