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How to Catch Snails in New World

New World
New World / Credit to Amazon Games Studios

Some players have been struggling with how to catch snails in New World as part of the Baited quest that requires players to find and catch an aquatic snail and a clam. A specific bait is necessary to catch aquatic snails and these snails are only able to be caught in certain locations around the map.

How to Catch Snails in New World

Before players can start fishing for aquatic snails there are a few steps they must do in preparation. The first is to collect Woodlouse bait from bushes in any of the many forested areas around the map. Be persistent in your search because it isn't guaranteed that a woodlouse will drop from a bush, so several bushes may need to be searched before enough woodlice are found.

After the proper bait has been secured, players can begin fishing for aquatic snails in freshwater fishing locations. There are two freshwater fishing locations just outside of First Light that have plenty of snails waiting to be caught. Remember though that players can exhaust all the snails in a location and it will take roughly 30 minutes for them to respawn.

If you are still struggling to catch aquatic snails then fishing with a pole that has either Lucky Day or Lucky Night bonuses depending on when you're fishing.