How to Catch Zorua in Pokémon Sword

Courtesy of Pokémon TV

As Zorua made its debut in Pokémon GO, trainers are now inspired to add one to their team in Pokémon Sword. Especially while Pokémon GO is undergoing some bugs with Zorua’s mechanics, it is the perfect time to try to catch one in Pokémon Sword.

Only obtainable in one place, Zorua is a rare Pokémon in the game. Here is a guide on how to catch Zorua in Pokémon Sword.

How to Catch Zorua in Pokémon Sword

Introduced in generation five, Zorua is a unique Dark-typed Pokémon. Known for its Illusion ability, Zorua enters a battle disguised as the last non-fainted Pokémon in the party. Taking the name and appearance of the masked Pokémon, the facade breaks when damage is inflicted.

In Pokémon Sword, trainers are only able to encounter Zorua with the Isle of Armor DLC. Here, trainers can find Zorua in the Forest of Focus.

Before searching for Zorua, trainers should note that it only comes out in the wild in foggy conditions. Having a ten percent chance of appearing, trainers need to come prepared and maximize each encounter with Zorua they get.

When picking a Pokémon to go up against Zorua, trainers should keep in mind Zorua's typing. The Dark-type Pokémon is vulnerable to Fighting, Bug and Fairy-type moves and takes less damage from Ghost, Dark, Psychic type moves.