How to Change Blood Color PUBG

How to Change Blood Color PUBG to blue is an intriguing aspect of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with more than just aesthetic value.

How to Change Blood Color PUBG

In PUBG, it is possible to change the color of blood from red to blue. The reason for this is partially because the PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean game development company. In Korea, the government has restricted violence in video games, so changing the color of blood to blue is technically a form of censorship. Nonetheless, non-Korean users can have access to this feature if they so choose.

The process is quite simple. First, open the Steam Library and go to the game Library. Right click on the PUBG icon and select Properties. Go to the bottom of Properties and click Set Launch Options. Next, type "-koreanrating" in the box that pops up. Finally, press "ok" to save this setting and try launching the game. Relaunch the game if you are already in it. If you follow these steps, you should now see blue blood in the game.

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Photo courtesy of PUBG Corporation