How to Change Combat Arts in Elden Ring

Image courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco

Players are trying to figure out how to change Combat Arts in Elden Ring.

In this action role-playing game, there will be a wide variety of weapons to choose from. What's unique about this is that gamers will also be able to combine weapons with special Combat Arts or Skills. They are not tied to any specific weapon so players are also to be mix and match weapons with them to fit their own playstyle.

Now that Elden Ring fans know about Combat Arts, here's how to change them.

How to Change Combat Arts in Elden Ring

The majority of weapons come with a Combat Art, but they can be modified by using Ashes of War. Ashes of War can be found as rewards from bosses, items in dungeons, or from specific vendors. The best way to get Ash of War abilities is by doing a lot of exploring.

After acquiring Ashes of War, go to a Site of Grace and enter the Ashes of War menu. From there, select a weapon and assign an Ash of War. Once an Ash of War has been equipped, it cannot be assigned to another without taking it off it first. Luckily, the Ashes of War are reusable.

Keep in mind that some weapons will have unique skills that can't be altered. Overall, these skills can drastically change an outcome of a boss fight so it's important to pick the correct Combat Art.

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