How to change FOV in CSGO can be the secret that unlocks a player's in-game performance. FOV, short for field of view, adjusts how much a player can see laterally. It also changes the relative size of a player's own hands and weapon in the view field. Here's how to change your FOV in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How to Change FOV in CSGO

Field of view is also known in CS:GO as view model. Though it can't be adjusted through the standard in-game options, there is a way to change it in-game.

The first step is ensure that the developer console is enabled. This can be done by heading to Help & Options in the in-game menu, then into Game Settings. From there, Enable Developer Console will be the fourth option from the top, and should it be set to "Yes."

Once the Developer Console is enabled, exit the menu and press "~" to the left of the "1" button on your keyboard to open the console. Type in the command "viewmodel_fov X" where "X" is the value to which you want to set your FOV.

For reference, the base FOV in CS:GO is 60, and 68 is the highest possible.

Photo courtesy of Valve