How to Change Lost Ark Change Mouse Controls

Photo courtesy Smilegate and Amazon Games

Lost Ark change mouse controls are given to players at the beginning of their adventure, but if the style one chooses is not ideal or they want to change it up as they progress further into the game, it is possible to do so.

Lost Ark Change Mouse Controls

Lost Ark's base mouse controls map movement to the left-click of the mouse and attacking to the right. But if that is not ideal, players can change it by going into their settings and adjusting their hotkeys.

Players can go into their settings by pressing the ‘Escape’ key, then navigating to the settings at the row on the bottom. Click on ‘Hotkeys’ on the left and choose ‘Basic Controls’ underneath. Here players will be able to readjust their mouse controls for Lost Ark.

In order to fully adjust the mouse settings, find the option that says “Attack with Right-Click” with a little checkbox. Here, by clicking on the checkbox, players can toggle this option either on or off, which changes the mouse controls.

There is also an option to change the mouse appearance in game, as players can adjust color and size in the accessibility section. And if there are other keys that bother players, they can also be changed in the ‘Hotkeys’ section.