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How to Change Name in Call of Duty: Mobile

Image courtesy of Activision

Time for a change? Here's how to update your username in Call of Duty: Mobile.

As with any online game, choosing a username is the important first step in making your online persona. But what happens if you make a mistake, outgrow your name, or just feel like changing it up? For a lot of games it's not possible, and you'll be locked into a name for life.

Fortunately for Call of Duty: Mobile players, there are a couple of ways to change a username.

How to Change Username in Call of Duty: Mobile

The first method involves spending a bit of in-game cash. For 500 COD points, players can purchase a name change. It's worth noting that 500 COD points equals about $4.99, so if you have some points spare or if you don't mind spending a bit of real-life money, this is probably the most straightforward method.

Once purchased, players will need to follow these steps:

  • Click the player icon in the top left corner of the screen
  • Go to Player Profile tab
  • Click the pencil icon
  • Create a new username

There's also an alternative method if you want to avoid spending money on COD points, and it involves a Facebook account.

Players will need to uninstall the game and then reinstall it on your preferred device. Login through a Facebook account and the game will prompt you to create a new username. If you wish to change your name again at a later date, these steps should be repeatable.

Keep in mind that names can only be changed once every three days.