How to Change Valorant Region in 2023

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant is a game that requires minimal lag to be able to play at a high level, and experiencing latency can lead to a negative experience for players.

Other than internet provider issues or playing a game on the wrong server, there is another reason why players could be experiencing lag. A player's account might be in the incorrect region, which can definitely impact a player's experience.

Here is how to change your Valorant region in 2023.

How to Change Valorant Region in 2023

A player's region is based on where they were when they created the Riot Games account. Therefore, a person that created their account in the United States would have their account designated to that region and can only play with people on that same region.

If a player is attempting to play from a different region, there are a couple ways to change your account's region.

The first way a player should try to change their region is by going to this page and logging into their Riot account. After logging into their account, a check button will appear to see if their region is accurate or needs to be updated. After checking, players should be guided on how to update the account.

If the first way does not work and the website says the region is accurate, players will have to send in a support ticket to resolve the issue. This alternative will take longer because players have to wait for a response to their ticket, but it should eventually guide you to a resolution.