How to Change Your Club Name in FIFA 22

Photo by EA Sports

How to change your club name in FIFA 22 is not only one of the first things players want to do when starting a new Ultimate Team season, but it's also part of the game's Foundations objective set.

Ultimate Team is one of the flagship modes in FIFA each year and is by far the most popular. The game mode is all about building the best possible squad with players from all across the world. Players get the chance to craft unique squads not otherwise possible. Part of every new journey each year is to set up your club. That starts with initial players, badges, kits and of course a name.

If you've played FUT before on your account, your club name will carry over from the last season. If you wish to change it, don't fret as you can change the name and the abbreviation that appears in the scoreboard during games.

How to Change Your Club Name in FIFA 22

Here's how to change your club name in FIFA 22.

First off, go through all the motions of setting up your club. Choose your starting nationality pack, your original kits, a loan player and more. After that, head to the Objectives section in the home tab menu.

Tab over to the Foundations group and scroll down to the set named The Basics. In there, there's a club name objective. By pressing either Y or Triangle, players will be prompted with the naming section. Finalizing things there will grant players 150 coins.

FIFA 22 is currently in early access for those with the Ultimate Edition. The game fully releases Oct. 1.