How to Change Your Name in PUBG Mobile

How to change your name in PUBG Mobile used to be a question that would leave players disappointed with its answer. In the early days of the game, there was no way at all to perform a name change. Developer Tencent has since added that functionality to the game, to the relief of many PUBG Mobile players. Here’s how to change your name in PUBG Mobile.

How to Change Your Name in PUBG Mobile

Name changes in PUBG Mobile are tied up in a feature Tencent added to the game only recently, thanks to Rename Cards. To start the process, head to the home screen of the app. Select Inventory from the menu at the bottom, and tap the crate icon on the right side.

Provided you’ve got a Rename Card, you’ll see it there. Tap it to use it. Enter the name you’d like to change to and press OK.

There are limits to how often players can change their names. Rename Cards can only be used once per day, and are mostly tied to level-up rewards. They can also be purchased for around $5.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp