How to Change Zeroing Distance in PUBG Xbox

How to change zeroing distance in PUBG Xbox is important because PUBG can be a complex game when you begin to move past the basics. One of the aspects of the game that gets asked about frequently is changing the zeroing distance of a gun.

Zeroing distance can only be changed on guns with certain scopes. That means being able to change your zeroing distance does not apply to every gun you might find. But how do you do it? Here's what you need to know:

How to Change Zeroing Distance PUBG Xbox

The first step to changing the zeroing distance is to know if you gun has the ability to do so. If your gun does not allow changing of the zeroing distance it is defaulted to 100 meters. When you do change it will usually increase to 200 meters.

If you are able to change the zeroing distance, the up and down button on the D-Pad on your controller should allow you to do so.

Cover Image Courtesy of PUBG Corporation