How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers


The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that comes with a range of accessories, including Joy-Con controllers. While the controllers offer a lot of flexibility and control options, they also require regular charging to keep them functional.

Nintendo Switch controllers are the primary input devices for the Nintendo Switch console. The console comes with two Joy-Con controllers that can be attached to the console or used separately, depending on the game being played.

In this article, we'll show you how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers using the included charging grip and dock, as well as some helpful tips to ensure that your controllers are always ready for your next gaming session.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

  1. Connect the Nintendo Switch dock to a power source using the included AC adapter.
  2. Insert the Joy-Con controllers into the Joy-Con grip or the Joy-Con charging grip. If the controllers are not attached to the console, you can also charge them separately by attaching them to the console.
  3. Make sure that the controllers are properly aligned with the grip, and that the charging indicators on the controllers are flashing.
  4. Connect the grip or charging grip to one of the USB ports on the Nintendo Switch dock using the included USB cable.
  5. The controllers will start charging automatically. The charging time may vary depending on the level of the battery.
  6. Once the controllers are fully charged, the charging indicators on the controllers will stop flashing.

Charging your Nintendo Switch controllers is an essential part of keeping your gaming sessions uninterrupted. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your controllers are always charged and ready to go.

Remember to check the charging indicators and the alignment of the controllers with the grip to avoid any issues. With a little bit of care and attention, you can enjoy your favorite Nintendo Switch games for hours on end without worrying about battery life.