How to Charge the Bike in Death Stranding

At least gas prices aren't a problem, right?
At least gas prices aren't a problem, right? / Kojima Productions

How to charge the bike in Death Stranding is a small, yet important piece of information to know.

Death Stranding, the newest game from Hideo Kojima, is a game that definitely requires a lot of travel across large distances. Bikes are a great way to circumvent the tediousness of a long journey, but there's a few things to keep in mind before you saddle up.

How to Charge the Bike in Death Stranding

Just before arrival to the distribution center just West of Capitol Knot City, players will run into their first bike casually parked outside. Condolences should be offered in advance for the joy and elation that died once those same players receive the shocking news that the bikes auto-charge unit is busted.

Don't worry too much, the solution to this is pretty simply... just playing the game. Continuing through the game will eventually send players to a Wind Farm to the North during Order 9. Completing this mission allows players to create generators using a PCC. Pop one down next to that bike you found earlier, and your new bike will be eating up the terrain in no time.

Death Stranding: Recharging Bikes

If it wasn't too obvious, dropping a generator next to a bike, or the later unlocked Mule Truck will recharge their batteries and get them back on the road. Keep in mind that using vehicles on rough terrain or over water will drain their batteries much faster, so stay on the simpler path whenever possible.