How to Check If You're Close to Receiving an Heirloom

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Checking how close you are to receiving an Heirloom in Apex Legends was something many players have always wanted to do. As an Heirloom shard is only received once in every 500 packs, it can get tough to recognize how close exactly one person is to reaching that hard cap of packs. Mike Zarandona, a coder, decided to create a way to track how close an account actually is to getting its Heirloom shards, based on account information.

How to Check How Close a Player is Receiving an Heirloom

Zarandona's tracker involves asking a player a series of questions to determine how many packs they have likely opened up to now. These questions include the players account level, whether or not a player has bought a battle pass for any seasons, and a number of other options to help narrow down how close one may be to an Heirloom.

The website has tips throughout its layout suggesting where different information can be found, such as checking badges. It is also important to know the number of treasure packs quests have given, and the number of packs a player has bought themselves. There are also what are known as Bugs + Misc Packs, which are usually given to players who have been victims of a widescale bug within the game.

Courtesy of Mike Zarandona
Courtesy of Mike Zarandona /

Putting all of this information together will allow a player to properly view their progression to an Heirloom, and how many more packs they will need to receive one. This is an incredibly useful tool for players who want to achieve having an Heirloom, making what was a complete guessing game a much more simple process.