How to Check KD in Halo Infinite

Photo courtesy 343 Industries

How to check your K/D in Halo Infinite has changed, as 343 Industries has made interesting changes to the game compared to their previous releases. 

How to Check KD in Halo Infinite

The days of checking the overall K/D in Halo are gone, where 343 Industries has now introduced a more assist-based importance to the overall gameplay. Assists count as 1/3 of a kill in the calculated KDA metric. Assists are arguably the most important statistic in Halo because they can tell how well your team is shooting together.

There is no official way of finding your lifetime stats. But within the scoreboard presented with the recap, one can see the breakdown of their performances game to game.

But to see one’s KD lifetime record, the only way right now is to check it through unofficial services such as the Halo Tracker website. Just input your Xbox Live ID which can be a username or by connecting an Xbox Live account.

The response from players is quite positive in terms of this change, as some think that unranked games shouldn’t have a high importance on KD ratios. Emphasizing that this importance takes the fun out of playing and draws attention to the insecurity of not having enough kills or having too many deaths.