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How to Check KD in Modern Warfare 2

Activision, Screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players recommend utilizing KD in the multiplayer feature, because it records the ratio of kills to deaths in every multiplayer playlist. These records are a significant part of the game, and it's useful for seeing improvement in fighting. Here's everything you should know about KD and how it connect to your Combat Record.

Call of Duty players can check their KD ratio on the scoreboard when finishing a battle. The KD ratio, however, will not appear on the screen while playing.

Fans might notice that the KD ratio will be shown in wide columns, but the breakdown of the battle will display every player's KD ratio from the battle.

Modern Warfare 2 only has a feature which shows a player's KD ratio from a single match. Players are currently unable to look at their kill stats from their career.

How to Check KD in Modern Warfare 2

Players are also unable to check their ultimate KD as Modern Warfare 2 currently does not have a Barracks or Combat Record display. The lack of these displays have not been regarded by developer Infinity Ward yet.

Call of Duty players might have trouble predicting when the Combat Record and Barracks programs will be featured in the game, but some players believe that it will eventually arrive in Modern Warfare 2.

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