How to check your wins and kills in Apex Legends isn't as easy as most players would hope.

There aren't any global leaderboards, as of writing, in Apex Legends. Thanks to Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, there's still a way to track your kills and wins in the game. It's just a bit convoluted and relies on people pulling out their Texas Instruments 84s.

Here's how to check and track your wins and kills in Apex Legends

How to Check Your Wins and Kills in Apex Legends

Players can track their Apex Legends statistics by specific Legends. Yep, there's no way to find a simple total number for both wins and kills anywhere in the game.

For those who play only one or two Legends, then this math won't be too difficult. Otherwise, break out those calculators.

First, to track these stats, players must have the trackers unlocked for Legends banners. Then, it's all about finding each hero you've played and adding it all up together.

Hopefully, Respawn and Electronic Arts will add a global leaderboard with specific filtering. It's an inherent feature in the battle royale genre to compete with each other. Players should be given an easier way to do that statistically.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts