How to Claim FIFA 23 World Cup Rewards

EA Sports

FIFA 23 World Cup Rewards are now available to claim marking the end of a long World Cup event in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports introduced a World Cup update to FIFA Ultimate Team during the tournament. The promotion featured a lengthy Swaps program, multiple promotions including Path to Glory and Team of the Tournament, Showdown SBCs and more. A key part of the promotion was the special World Cup Player items that were used in Swaps. Items collected also built toward a special engagement reward for packs, coins and more.

Those World Cup Player items have expired and now it's time to claim rewards. Here's how to get your FIFA 23 World Cup Rewards.

How to Claim FIFA 23 World Cup Rewards

Players have to head to the World Cup tab in FIFA Ultimate Team next to Store. Click on the engagement tab and players should be prompted to claim their rewards.

How to Fix FIFA 23 World Cup Rewards Error

Players are reporting that there have been issues claiming rewards while others have had no issue. If you run into an error when trying to claim your rewards, try backing out of Ultimate Team and reloading it in FIFA 23. Reloading Ultimate Team should make the tab appear again and players can try claiming it again.

The error could be an issue of numerous players trying to claim them all at the same time. Keep persisting despite the error, but if it doesn't resolve on its own EA Sports will likely provide an update through the FIFA Direct Communication account on Twitter.