How to Claim Founder's Pack in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

After long anticipation, Overwatch 2 is finally here. With it comes several obtainable add-ons for longtime players of the original game. One of these is the Founder's Pack, which contains exclusive content. Here's how to claim it.

Released on Tuesday, Overwatch 2's launch marks the beginning of the next era for the franchise. Notably, it has gone through significant changes in its transition, such as being free-to-play at launch and the implementation of its new Battle Pass system. Alongside this are new heroes, maps, and gameplay styles, which have new and old fans alike excited for these features.

How to Claim the Founder's Pack

To obtain the Founder's Pack, which contains epic skins, a founder's icon, and more, players will need to have owned the original Overwatch prior to June 23. Unfortunately, this means that newer Overwatch players will be unable to obtain this exclusive pack. It will be free to get for those who qualify simply by logging into the game. Blizzard has also noted that logging into the original Overwatch prior to Oct. 4 will also enable players to get the pack into their inventory.

Additionally, players will have until Dec. 5 to claim the pack, so it is important to get it while time lasts.