How to Claim the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games

If you are a fan of the Crossover Pass rewards that Valorant released to celebrate Episode 5 Act 1, then the Alpha Threat card is the next freebie you must collect before time runs out!

The Alpha Threat Card features a comic cover of the Omega Earth comic book and it highlights the agents from the Alpha Earth who are seen as a threat. Follow this guide to learn how to collect and equip the card for your current collection in Valorant.

How to Claim the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant

To get the Alpha Threat card, you need to update your Valorant client to the 5.01 Patch. After your game has updated to the latest patch, launch Valorant and once you load in, the card will be available to claim on the loading screen.

How to Equip the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant

Once you claim the Alpha Threat card, it will be added to your collection inventory. Remember, just because you claimed your card does not mean it is equipped! To show off your card, head to your collection and select your player cards.

Once you are in the 'Player Cards' section of your collection, select 'Show Owned Only' to make it easier to find the card. Then scroll through all your player cards until you find the Alpha Threat card and equip it. You are then ready to queue into games and show off the limited edition card.

Riot Games and Valorant did not announce when the Alpha Threat card will be available to claim. To ensure you receive the card, make sure to claim it before Episode 5 Act 2 begins!