How to Claim Watchpoint Pack in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

On Tuesday, Overwatch 2 was finally launched, and with its release comes a new battle pass system, obtainable gift skins, and features. The Watchpoint Pack, a pre-order kit for the game, was also a part of its release, containing exclusive items and functions. Here's what's in it and how to claim it.

The seasonal battle pass, which replaces the original loot box system, is a new way for players to unlock new heroes by earning rewards throughout the game. While there is a free version of the battle pass, the premium version will allow players to earn extra XP, and obtain legendary and 'mythic' skins, and new heroes right at the start.

How to Claim the Watchpoint Pack

The Watchpoint Pack, which was initially a pre-order kit, is a purchasable add-on for Overwatch 2. While it is $39.99, it is not needed to play the base game, which is free to play. It can be purchased on the, Xbox, and PlayStation stores.

By purchasing the Watchpoint Pack, players will gain immediate access to the premium battle pass, which will grant all of its included content. Contrary to the standalone premium battle pass, which is $10, the Watchpoint Pass also includes 2,000 Overwatch coins and an Overwatch 2 player icon. Significantly, these passes will change as more seasons of the game are launched.