How to Collect an Access Card in Fortnite

Photo By Epic Games

Collecting an access card in Fortnite is an easy process. How to complete this legendary quest is outlined step by step below.

Access cards are dropped by IO guards in Fortnite, so the first step to collecting an access card is finding an IO guard. You can find them scattered across many different areas of the map. They are located at places like IO satellite stations, the center of the map, or Corny Complex.

How to collect an Access Card in Fortnite

Enter a game and make your way towards any of the areas with IO guards. Grab the loot that you want and start hunting down IO guards. The bunker below Corny Complex has many IO guards available that will drop an access card. After you find one, shoot them until they are knocked down. Don't stop there, because you need to then completely kill the guard for them to drop the access card. Once you completely kill the guard, you should have an access card available for you to pick up!

After completing this quest you can move onto the next legendary quest. Completing this challenge will award you with 45k XP towards your battle pass. Good luck on your next quest!