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How to Complete an Expedition Challenge in Forza Horizon 5

Image courtesy of Playground Games

While completing an expedition might sound self-explanatory, some players have run into a few issues when trying to complete it.

Forzathons in Forza Horizon 5 are weekly timed challenges that offer up Forzathon Points. These points can be used to unlock some premium cars and cosmetics, to give you some new wheels to put to the test. This week, one of the challenges posed to players is to simply complete an expedition. There are a number of expeditions in the game, and all players have to do for the challenge is to complete one of them.

But what if you've completed one and the challenge still won't mark as completed? Well, it seems like there's an issue. Here's what you need to know.

Forza Horizon 5 Complete an Expedition Challenge Not Working

If you're a bit of a completionist, you might have already completed all expeditions prior to this challenge. This was the case for one Reddit user who took to the forum site to ask for some guidance. User BinxMedia asked, "Is anyone having problems completing the "Explorer" Forzathon challenge? I have completed 3 expeditions and it still hasn't given it to me."

Unfortunately, it's been confirmed by Forza Support that to complete the challenge, players need to complete an expedition that they haven't done before.

"Festival Playlist - Series 1 - The Explorer Daily challenge does not unlock unless the player completes a showcase event they have never done before."

This has caused a slight bit of unrest for some players, with many asking if the issue will be addressed. While nothing solid has been confirmed yet, the issue has been added to Forza Support's list of "Identified & Investigating" known issues. Hopefully, we'll see a fix deployed for this challenge before it's Forzathon time is up.