How to Complete Enter the Main Chamber at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Unfortunately for Fortnite players looking to complete their weekly quests, entering the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines is much more than a matter of knocking on the door.

Shuffled Shrines is a named location inside the south east quadrant of the Fortnite map. Relatively new to the game, having arrived on July 6, the game is a clear homage to Indiana Jones

In order to enter the chamber, first, you have to open the door. To do that, you have to rearrange the obelisks outside, just like Indy in the trailer below.

How to Complete Enter the Main Chamber at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite

The pillars act as a color-coded puzzle. Solving the puzzle unlocks the door to the chamber. However, the successful combination of the puzzle changes every round.

To solve the puzzle, the gamer must match the colors on the pillars in a specific order. The colors of the pillars, and their correct order, correspond to the colors of several sister stones surrounding Shuffled Shrines.

It's really important to find the stones in the correct order, otherwise, the lock will be scrambled and the door won't open. Thanks to Alexandra Hobbs, that order is listed below.

  1. Underground to the southwest - This is for the far left symbol totem.
  2. In the corner of the northwest building - For the totem to the second left.
  3. To the north under a red canopy - For the totem to the second right.
  4. To the northeast, under the wooden walkways - For the totem to the far right.

Once you get the door open, be careful! There are booby traps. Avoid the red squares on the floor to reduce the risk of poison dart damage.