How to Complete Ferrari 296 GTB Quests

A Ferrari in action, located at Tilted Towers
A Ferrari in action, located at Tilted Towers / Epic Games and Ferrari

Completing the Ferrari 296 GTB quests will take some time. It's a set of three new weekly challenges that have dropped in Fortnite with the Ferrari 296 GTB being the theme.

How to Complete Ferrari 296 GTB Quests

Fortnite has had some major crossovers in its time, even outside of the gaming scope. Premier League striker for the Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane had his own Fortnite skin earlier in June.

This time around, Fortnite has lined up a crossover with Italian luxury sports car brand Ferrari. Ferraris are scattered around the map, with three distinct quests involving their use. The 296 GTB is slated to stay in the game until Oct. 6, 2021, essentially as an upgraded version of the Whiplash car, able to reach a higher max speed when boosted.

Drive a Ferrari Through the Storm

This challenge only requires you to stay in the storm for no more than five seconds, meaning you can do this challenge with just about any amount of health. The earlier you get this one done, the better, seeing as the Storm does more damage the longer the game goes on.

Reach Top Speed in a Ferrari

Take that 296 GTB out for a spin on a stretch of land where you can go straight enough for at least ten seconds or so. Hold down the accelerate key and don't let go until you are notified that you completed the challenge.

Complete Ferrari Time Trials

Holly Hatchery, Lazy Lake, and Weeping Woods are all locations where a Ferrari Time Trial can be completed. Additionally, Ferrari 296 GTBs can be found at all three of these locations, among others. Take your 296 GTB to the start of the time trial, indicated by a blue arrow, and continue to follow the blue arrows in the allotted time to complete the time trial.