How to Complete Marauders' 'Merchant Inspector' Quest

How to Complete Marauders' 'Merchant Inspector' Quest
How to Complete Marauders' 'Merchant Inspector' Quest / Marauders

One Marauders quest that gamers might be struggling with is the "Merchant Inspector." With a big reward, this is definitely a quest to get done as soon as possible.

Marauders released this month to the public and has been a big hit on Steam. The Merchant Inspector quest is a part of the Zero to Hero missions and comes after The Legend Begins mission where you defeat 20 AI opponents.

How to Complete Marauders' 'Merchant Inspector' Quest

This quest is as simple as it sounds. You are to inspect a marked container on the merchant ship. The marked container is located near the ship's edge in a large storage compartment and might take a few spawns for it to appear.

The merchant ship has red lights and the container you are looking for is white with a red stripe on the side. Different YouTubers have streamed themselves finding the location. This quest is definitely worth it to complete.

Players will receive $3,250 of in-game credit, 275 XP, 75 Pirate Faction XP, and a large supply drop for completing the quest. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

Completing quests and leveling up is the best way to unlock prestige points in the game, something players will definitely want to do. Understanding how prestige points work is definitely going to be key to success in the game. War bonds will be another big asset to have in the game asides from just completing quests.