How to Complete Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Weekly Challenges Fast

Funky Time
Funky Time / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Overwatch Anniversary is live and features three weekly timed events to win rewards and other goodies.

Week 1 includes the Cybermedic Ana skin, Week 2 is the Bird of Paradise Echo skin, Week 3 features a Wrecking Ball 8 Ball skin and other cosmetics. Each week players need to complete a certain amount of challenges to unlock the epic and legendary cosmetics. Here is a faster way with a stress-free environment that won't cost your rank.

Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

How to Complete Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Weekly Challenges Fast

Playing the weekly arcades throughout the Anniversary event can earn you points on completing the challenges. If players win they earn double the points to reach the total of nine points needed to unlock the weekly challenges. There are a few arcade games for players to choose from that guarantees their victory in completing the weekly rewards, these are:

  • Junkenstein Mode
  • Petra Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Limited Duel
  • Mystery Heros
  • Quick Play Classic

Note that these arcades are subject to change daily.

Another guaranteed method of earn double the weekly reward points is by playing quick play, since players like to have casual fun in this game mode.