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How to Complete the Bell Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village / Courtesy of Capcom

If the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle is giving you problems, this guide will help you get past it without an issue. The Resident Evil franchise is known for combining horrifying gameplay with brain-teasing puzzles. Here's where you can find all five bells to help you get past the puzzle that's tripping up tons of players right now.

How to Complete the Bell Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

You'll find all bells inside of the Atelier room of the castle. Here's the location of each bell in the room:

1. Bell Locations

- Right across from the entrance, you'll see it next to the bust. If you're looking to save ammo you can knife the bell instead of shooting.
- On the wall opposite the entrance there will be a gap where a painting should be. Turning the cogs behind it will reveal the bell and you'll be able to shoot it before the gap closes.
- Across from the previous wall there's a smaller bell in front of a painting with a golden frame.
- Climb the staircase and look out the window. Shoot the bell that's sitting outside of the window on the other side.
- By shooting the chandelier you'll make it swing. That will reveal the final bell.