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How to Complete the Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6 / Credit to Ubisoft

Here's how to complete the Far Cry 6 Rising Tide treasure hunt.

The Rising Tide treasure hunt may initially seem like one of the trickier side quests in Far Cry 6, but it is actually pretty simple once players know what to look for. The quest requires players to open a locked door by activating five switches in a specific order. To crack the code players need to find five different named boats around the area, each with a number corresponding to their position in the order of switches to be pulled. However, players do not have to find all the boats to open the door, they only need to know the order to pull the levers in.

How to Complete the Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

To complete the Rising Tide treasure hunt pull the levers inside the house in this order:

  1. El Tigre Del Mar
  2. Papi Chulo
  3. El Lucky
  4. Clarita
  5. Roja Victoria

If done correctly, the door should open and players should be able to find the Camo Quinceañera, a unique rifle, alongside other rewards. The Camo Quinceañera comes with a number of modifications that make it easier to control, but it isn't the best weapon available in later parts of the game.