How to Complete The Final Trial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney, Gameloft

In the upcoming free-to-play life-sim game Disney Dreamlight Valley players can complete a series of quest lines for their favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Throughout the game, players will find themselves participating in tasks like fishing, mining, or growing crops. At a certain point, players can upgrade their watering can tool through the quest the Final Trial.

How to Complete The Final Trial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once players reach Friendship level ten players can find the wizard Merlin to activate the quest the Final Trial. The reward for completing this quest will be an upgrade to player's watering can which is useful in a life-sim game like Disney Dreamlight Valley.

For the quest players will need to craft five Purified Night Shards. Players can head over to the nearest Crafting Station once they have obtained 25 Night Shards and five Dream Shards. After crafting the Purified Night Shards players will need to find Wall-E so they can crush the Purified Night Shards into Night Shard Powder.

After these task Merlin will give players a list of items to collect.

  • One Falling Water - Can be found south of the Glade of Trust. A vial can be found near the water for players to pick up.
  • One Ice Heart - Players will need to plant the Ice Heart Seed Merlin gives. Simply plant the seed, water it, and wait for the crop to sprout before collecting the Ice Heart.
  • 25 Mushrooms - You can either water other mushrooms to grow more or gather them in the Glade of Trust.

Once these three items are collected players can head to the nearest Crafting Station to create a new Enchantment. Merlin will use this Enchantment to help upgrade your watering can and complete the Final Trial.