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How to Complete the New World Trial of the Gladiator

New World
New World / Credit to Amazon Games Studios

In order to earn the rank of Gladiator, players must know how to complete the New World Trial of the Gladiator.

All three factions offer players unique missions exclusive to the faction the player has joined. The Trial of the Gladiator quest is available to members of the Marauder faction, or the green faction, after they have earned the required reputation and have reached level 24. Completing this quest will unlock access to a wide range of faction unique weapons to aid players in their journey through the rest of the ranks.

How to Complete the New World Trial of the Gladiator

Trial of the Gladiator is given to the player by Ravager Silas, the Marauders' representative located in Cutlass Keys. The quest will become available after players have reached level 25 and have a minimum of 3.000 faction reputation points. Faction quests can help players earn a reputation fairly quickly.

After the quest have been accepted travel to Monarch's Bluffs and locate Lost Pirate Hamidou on the deck of the capsized ship on the coast of Nautilus of Nunez. The final step of the quest is to eliminate Captain Hamidou. He is especially weak to nature and ice attacks, but has a high resistance to thrusting attacks so plan accordingly. Gems can add ice or nature elements to a players attacks and could be massively helpful in fighting Hamidou.

After Captain Hamidou has been eliminated, return to Cutlass Key to receive your Gladiator rank alongside some other rewards.