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How to Complete the New World Trial of the Scrivener

New World
New World / Credit to Amazon Games Studios

To earn the rank of Scrivener, players must know how to complete the New World Trial of the Scrivener.

Each of the three factions in New World offers their own unique questline to progress through and earn players reputation. For the Syndicate, or purple faction, the first progression quest is the Trial of the Scrivener. In order to accept the quest players must have earned 3,000 reputation points for the Syndicate and have reached Level 25. Completing this quest will provide the player with access to a variety of faction unique weapons and armor to aid them in their quest through the rest of the ranks.

How to Complete the New World Trial of the Scrivener

After players have acquired the necessary faction reputation and have reached level 25, they can receive the Trial of the Scrivener from Laurentius Krockes, the Syndicate representative found in Brightwood.

The quest will require players to travel to Walsham's Field and place the Trace Absorber in a specific area highlighted in blue on the map. Then players must eliminate Gheist Malikor, a yellow spirit who will be nearby. Malikor is incredibly weak to nature attacks, but has a strong resistance to lightning imbued attacks.

After Malikor has been defeated, players can retrieve the filled Trace Absorber and return to Brightwood to speak with Laurentius Krockes again. He will reward the player with the title of Scrivener and a few other rewards.