How to Complete the Silo Race Splitgate Challenge

Splitgate Portal
Splitgate Portal / Credit to 1047 Games

Some players are struggling with how to complete the Silo Race Splitgate challenge in Season 0.

Every week brings a new set of six challenges to Splitgate. In the first week of Season 0 one of those challenges is to complete the Silo Race. Each weekly challenge a player completes earns them 10,000 experience points. Completing all six weekly challenges earns them another bonus reward.

How to Complete the Silo Race Splitgate Challenge

The first challenge with completing a race in Splitgate is finding and starting the race. Races are actually found under the "Training" menu in Splitgate. So first navigate to "Training," then to "Race" and finally select the name of the race desired.

Completing the Race itself isn't too difficult as it's just a time-trial where players are meant to beat their own best times. There is no time to beat aside from records set by other players on the leaderboard. Once the race is completed, the challenge will be fulfilled regardless of how long the race took to complete.