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How to Complete Warzone Easter Egg Contract

Warzone Easter Egg Basket
Warzone Easter Egg Basket / Courtesy of "DrakotaTV"

Get ready to bring in the holidays with Warzone’s Easter Egg contract. On April 1, players began noticing Egg baskets pop up around Verdansk, Activision is using these baskets to giveaway free weapon blueprints to players. Here’s how you can get in on some of the Easter time fun. 

How to Complete Warzone Easter Egg Contract

These Easter Egg baskets are located all throughout Verdansk, there are no set spawn points. However, your best bet to find one will be to search loot box locations until you’ve found your basket. After interacting with the basket it'll drop an egg that contains the contract and a random blueprint. You’ll have to take that egg to the objective before running out of time. Similar to plunder you’ll call in the cash helicopter and deposit your egg. Then your new blueprint will be waiting in the ‘menu. 

This event doesn’t have an official end date, it hasn’t even been announced by Activision or Raven Software yet. So, your best bet is to start hunting these blueprints ASAP.