How to Connect Pokémon Home to Pokémon GO

How to connect Pokémon Home to Pokémon GO
How to connect Pokémon Home to Pokémon GO / Courtesy of Niantic, Inc.

Connecting Pokémon Home to Pokémon GO is now live and available for all trainers! Pokémon HOME is a cloud service launched in February 2020 for Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices designed as a platform where all Pokémon can gather. Linking the same Nintendo Account to both the Nintendo Switch version and mobile version of Pokémon HOME will let trainers access the same Pokémon Boxes on both versions, move Pokémon between compatible games, and trade Pokémon on the go.

How to Connect Pokémon Home to Pokémon GO

There are two plans in Pokémon Home: Basic (free) and Premium ($2.99/month, $4.99/3 months, or $15.99/12 months). There are many features available in the Premium plan but not in Basic such as the basic plan will allow players to deposit 30 Pokémon, while the Premium plan has a limit of 6,000 Pokémon. The steps to link Connect Pokémon Home and Pokémon GO are below:

1) Open the Pokémon GO app.

2) On the map, tap the Poké Ball icon.

3) At the top right of the screen, tap the Settings button.

4) Tap Pokémon HOME.

5) Sign in using the Nintendo Account associated with your Pokémon HOME account.

Once the accounts have been linked, trainers' Pokémon HOME account information will be displayed in the Pokémon HOME section of the Settings menu and will be saved. To note, players' Support ID is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen when the player starts Pokémon HOME. Players' user name can be found under Your Room. From the Pokémon HOME section, tap Send Pokémon and check GO Transporter Energy to begin the process of sending Pokémon to the Pokémon HOME account.