How to Counter Moira in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

Players are just starting to get familiar with the mechanics of Overwatch 2. Some might argue that not a whole has changed mechanically from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 but there are still plenty of new players joining with it launching as a free-to-play game. For those who are troubled by the support hero Moira how are some ways to best counter her in Overwatch 2.

Heroes to Counter Moira in Overwatch 2

Being a support Hero Moira's strengths will be tied to healing. Any player who can properly utilize healers will be a huge headache for the opposing team. Moira can steal health from enemies and then take that energy to replenish teammates with her Biotic Grasp move.

She can also toss out Bio Orbs that heal allies and damage opponents as it bounces off walls. For evasive moves Moira can use Fade which is nearly identical to Reaper's Wraith Form making them invulnerable but unable to attack.

Moira's ultimate Coalescence fires a large beam that will heal friends and damage foes. Moira's moves are not too complicated to understand so here are some heroes who best deal with her.


The damage cowboy hero will counter well against Moira with his Combat Roll avoiding Moira's Bio Orbs and Biotic Grasp. When reaching a good angle Cassidy can hit unsuspecting Moiras with his Magnetic Grenade.


Sombra's Hack ability will temporarily disable Moira's abilities. Smart Sombra players will utilize the stealth ability to sneak up on Moira to stop them will they are busy healing.


D.Va is probably the best counter to Moira since her Defense Matrix shield is the only known move that can destroy Moira's Bio Orbs. With her being a tank Hero and other abilities like Boosters that fly away D.Va should be able to counter Moira easily.

These are just a few suggestions on how to counter Moira players in Overwatch 2. As the game receives updates and changes be sure to keep an eye out in case you need to switch your strategies.