How to Counter Sojourn in Overwatch 2

courtesy of Blizzard

Sojourn is one of the new heroes added to Overwatch 2. She is a damage hero who utilizes her railgun for rapid-fire and high-impact shots. New characters are exciting to see but with them being added players will need to learn how to best match-up against them. Here are a few heroes we believe can best counter Sojourn.

Best heroes to counter Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Along with her railgun Sojourn can trap and damage players using a blast of her Disruptor Shot ability. Her ultimate move Overclock will auto-charge her gun before it shoots a charged shot that can pierce through multiple foes. Sojourn can also use Power Slide and cancel it into a jump. Here are some heroes who can best counter these abilities.


Being one of the quicker heroes and his ability to run on walls makes Lucio a difficult target for Sojourn to hit. He can use Crossfade to also give his allies a speed boost that can help them avoid her as well.


Zarya can withstand the damage thanks to her Particle Barrier while at the same time increasing the power of her Particle Cannon with the damage from Sojourn. Zarya can also protect her allies with barriers she can shoot.


Winston the gorilla is a beefy tank that can take a while for a single Sojourn to take care of. If Sojourn tries to escape Winston can just chase her down with his Jump Pack. Winston can also protect his allies from Sojourn shots if they hide under his Barrier Projector bubble.

These are just a few hero suggestions to counter Sojourn. Be sure to try and use other heroes as Overwatch 2 receives updates in the coming months.