How to Counter Zarya in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few weeks now. While Blizzard is busy trying to fix the many bugs players are trying to figure out the best counters and hero matchups. The tank hero Zarya can be especially troublesome with her barriers that protect herself and her allies. Here are a few heroes that can potentially help counter any Zarya players.

Heroes to Counter Zarya in Overwatch 2

The tank class of heroes has been given the most updates going from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. Many have had increased health to help compensate for teams dropping from six to five heroes. This can make Zarya especially difficult with her Particle Barrier that provides added protection. Here are a few heroes that we believe can best deal with her.


Pharah can use her jump jet to keep a safe distance from Zarya while also reaching high heights. Pharah players just need to be careful not to hit Zarya with too many rocket missiles since this will charge up ultimate.


Sombra's Hack ability will temporarily disable Zarya's abilities and make her visible to others. Her EMP can deal damage and destroy barriers. Smart Sombra players will utilize the stealth ability to sneak up on Zaryas to stop them with these counters.


Similar to Pharah Reaper has the capabilities of dealing damage and has moves to escape. His Shadow Step can be used to teleport almost anywhere which is great for sneaking up behind a Zarya. If Reaper is in a pinch he can use his Wraith Form for temporary invulnerability and quick movements.

These are just a few heroes to try to get the upper hand against Zarya. Feel free to experiment with other heroes as Overwatch 2 progresses and changes.