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How to Craft a Frost Resistance Potion in Valheim

Photo Courtesy of Iron Gate

Frost Resistance is a very sought after and useful ability in Valheim, because it grants you immunity to freezing effects for 10 minutes. This is as long as you do not get wet.

Having frost resistance can be very useful when traveling through rough blizzards in the mountains. With such an important ability granted, this potion will take roughly two and a half days in game to create, so having multiple fermenters can help make the alchemy process a bit easier.

To craft this potion, a player will need:

1. 10 Honey
2. 5 Thistle
3. 2 Bloodbags
4. 1 Greydwarf eye

Photo Courtesy of Iron Gate/Valheim

How to Craft a Frost Resistance Potion in Valheim

These ingredients are very unusual and uncommon, so be wary in your travels to gather these. Additionally, one of the most important parts to this recipe is the honey, which you can gather if you keep up with your own beehive. Collecting a Queen Bee and a hive, as well as keeping all the bees happy, will allow you to gather honey reasonably well, and trade the honey into this recipe for a potion that can be very crucial to your cold adventures in the mountains.

Again, we suggest having multiple fermenters active, so that way you can speed up the process and have them working on the ingredients while you are out gather other ingredients or completing quests.