How to Craft a Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6

Hunter's Cloak equipped.
Hunter's Cloak equipped. / Courtesy of "Chill Nikov"

Having trouble crafting a Hunter's Cloak? Here's a guide to help you craft your Hunter's Cloak before you miss out on completing the challenge for Week 1.

Players currently experiencing the changes made to Fortnite Season 6 have probably come across at least one of the new wildlife creatures they've added to the game. These wolves, boars, and chickens that have been newly installed into the game serve a pivotal role in helping craft the new Hunter's Cloak.

To craft the Hunter's Cloak gamers will need to collect two bones and one piece of meat. Once players have these items they'll be able to craft the cloak in their crafting menu. The easiest way to collect these items will be slaying the new wildlife and looting their bodies. However, it's also possible to collect bones by destroying skulls that sit atop pikes on the map.

With the Hunter's Cloak now at the tip of your fingers go jump into a round and get yours before you miss out on the Week 1 challenges.