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How to Craft Legendaries Shadowlands 9.1

Runecarver in WoW Shadowlands, located in Torghast
Runecarver in WoW Shadowlands, located in Torghast / Activision Blizzard

How do you craft legendaries in Shadowlands 9.1, Chains of Domination? World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 is finally on the horizon, with loads of new content, and the ability to craft some legendary gear!

How to Craft Legendaries Shadowlands 9.1

Just as it worked in 9.0, you need the base item itself to create the legendary, something decently accessible for any profession that calls for the piece. For example, if you are a Tailor, an item you can craft called the Grim-Veiled Cape must be made first, which is then to be modified at the Runecarver to make it become legendary.

In 9.1, you can upgrade this base item by two ranks with a new legendary item called Vestige of Origins. You are able to craft your own Vestige of Origins if you are any of the main crafting classes: Tailor, Leatherworker, Blacksmith, or Jewelcrafter. Vestiges aren't cheap, and will act as a nice resource dump for all of the resources you may have been hoarding during 9.0. Applying the Vestige of Origins to the base item will increase its item level, up to two times.

The way in which you learn the Vestige of Origins recipe for your given profession is by learning the recipe Tome of Origins. You don't have to jump through any hoops in particular to grab this recipe, just continue on in the 9.1 questline until you complete chapter 4 "The Last Sigil," rewarding you with a tome of your own.

To craft the Vestige of Origins, you will always need 40 Korthite Crystals, no matter your profession. There are a handful of ways to farm your Korthite Crystals:

  • Weekly chest in Korthia
  • Completing weekly quest in Korthia
  • Treasures scattered around Korthia
  • Daily quest reward
  • Maw chest in Scholar's Den (located in Korthia)

Patch 9.1 is set to release on June 29.