How to Cross Save Destiny 2: Everything You Need to Know

How to Cross Save Destiny 2 is the hottest topic in Bungie's FPS.

Cross Save is a new feature in Destiny 2 that is planned to go live on the game at 1 p.m. on Aug. 21. The goal is to make saving and loading your progress as simple and intuitive as possible. As with all new features, Bungie's Cross Save requires a bit of setup, but the effects on your game will be well worth the effort.

Here's how you Cross Save on Destiny 2.

How to Cross Save Destiny 2

Cross Save is essentially the save file bank you never knew you needed. It enables you to sync your progress over multiple platforms using only one game file.

To start, open up your account. It's from here that you'll link all your other accounts—such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network,, Steam, and Google Stadia—together.

Once you link your accounts, you'll need to choose a main file to cross save on. This may come as a disappointment to players who have separate files across multiple platforms, however.

Upon choosing a main file to play on, that file becomes the set of characters, gear and progress that becomes available on all accounts across all platforms. Wherever you log in you will only see that game file.

What does this mean for your added extras? Well, most extra content you've unlocked or paid for will only be available on the platform that you bought it for. You can only be a member of a single clan with cross save, as well—the clan for which file you've chosen.

Disabling cross save is also possible on the off-chance you'd like to switch files or revisit characters that aren't active on your account.

Photo courtesy of Bungie