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How to Cross the Tar Belt in Death Stranding Director's Cut

Image courtesy of Kojima Productions

Players heading into the late game with Death Stranding might be wondering how to cross the tar belt that sits between you and Edge Knot City.

Death Stranding is a game that doesn't hold you back very often. Players are free to traverse the apocalyptic world however they can, and are actively encouraged to do so in the most imaginative ways possible. A lot of areas can be safely navigated thanks to the help of your friendly online players, leaving supplies, markers, and even the odd rope for you to use on your journey. There comes a point in the game, though, where players will need to find a way across a massive tar belt in order to reach the final destination: Edge Knot City.

If, like me, you reached the edge of the massive tar belt and stood there for quite some time without a single clue what to do, don't worry. Here's what you need to know in order to progress.

How to Cross the Tar Belt in Death Stranding

This particular task can leave players feeling a bit stumped. With very little signposting, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you'll need to do here. Players can check through their emails for some information and, after a while, Die Hardman might call and drop some hints. Of course, if these don't help there's actually an annoyingly simple solution to the puzzle.

To cross the tar belt, players will need to summon a BT. There's a particular area to do this, though. From the broken bridge, head south-west of the Chiral Relay to the area full of BT activity. Your scanner should go off as usual when you get close. Be sure to let the BTs take you away, rather than fighting them off like before when prompted. This will trigger a boss fight as well as raise some buildings out of the ground to climb over. Using these buildings, you'll be able to cross the tar and head to Edge Knot City.